Places to Shop for a Valentine’s Day Outfit in the North Shore

Valentine’s Day is just 2 weeks away and when it comes to trying to find that perfect dress, it’s basically crunch time. We know how you feel when you’re under a time crunch to find the best outfit for a special occasion, which is why we’ve pulled together a short list of great places to go shopping in the North Shore and Saugus

You could head to the mall and find tons of stuff that you might see the next girl in, or you can

Shop a local boutique. Like us!  Heading to a women’s clothing boutique is a great experience. If you’ve never been to one before, be prepared to have your mind blown! The customer service is levels above that which you would find at a department or chain clothing store. At Vamped Boutique we’re here to guide you in your decision making process, not force styles upon you that you don’t feel comfortable in. The clothes at boutique stores are also not what you would normally see at a department store and all of them are hand-picked by the store owners.

Purchase online. If all else fails or you’re really pressed for time, heading online is a great option to find the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. Online women’s clothing stores like ours here at Vamped Boutique offer more unique, one of a kind selection than what you would normally find in store. We knowOnline clothes shopping can be tricky because you can’t try anything on right then and there, which is why we recommend always seeking out the site’s size guide for assistance. And know that you can order online and PICK UP IN STORE! I mean come on now, how great is that, shop while you’re at work (shhh we won’t tell!)

Have you already found your perfect Valentine’s Day outfit here at Vamped Boutique? Show off your style by tagging us at #IAMVAMPED.

Still need to go shopping for Feb. 14th? We’ve got you covered here at our women’s boutique clothing store in Saugus MA. Visit us at 358G Broadway today and find these styles exclusively in store!



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