The Lazy Girls Halloween

Need that last minute Halloween costume? Don’t worry we do it too! Another party just came up, you just don’t feel like spending money on something you’ll never wear again or you’re just to lazy to think of an idea.

We’ve compiled a ton of looks that you can wear with what you already have in your closet (or find some stuff at Vamped!) all you have to do is add the make up! Take a look at what we found.


We can’t go a day on snap without putting a filter on it so become one in real life for a day! 

With your rainbow filter, just be you with a flowing rainbow! Want to be the dog or the deer? Step into a brown snuggie or even your fave tan longsleeve top and leggings.


You can never go wrong with some skull makeup and an all black outfit (don’t worry we’ve got tons of it!) Match your skull with black tops, dresses and boots and you’ll have a classic, can’t go wrong look every time. And the make up is so super simple you can do it so many ways! 

We’re especially obsessed with this half skull inspired by @Chrisspy featuring the High Key Sunnies!

Inspired Halloween Makeup from Chrisspy

This full on skeleton makeup with silver hair is so on point!



Don’t want to go all black – well this Jeffery Star makeup is everything for those of you that need a little color in your life + it’s half clown/joker/skeleton so you’ll be a little bit of everything and you can go colorful clothes or rock it out just like Jeffrey.

Jerffery Star skull makeup


Now come on girls who doesn’t want to be something magical all the time? These ideas are for the dreamers out there like us-we’re really unicorns and mermaids too! 

Put those highlighters and brightly colored eye shadows to use with these next two looks; and don’t worry you can’t over do it with them!


Try one of our High Stakes skirts to keep that brightly colored trend going.


If you happen to do any of these make sure to take pics and tag us on the ‘gram, especially if you’re Vampin’ out.

#IAmVamped @VampedBoutique

or got some other ideas? Share them with us! We can’t wait to see you 🙂

Find more inspo on our our Pinterest! 

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