Cover Girl: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner on Harper's Bazaar cover

June/July 2016

harpers bazaar june/july 2016 issue featuring Kendall Jenner

In the spotlight once again is our favorite IT girl, Kendall Jenner. In this issue, her and Karl Lagerfeld talk all things fashion, family and stardom. The interview starts off with their first time meeting, and Kendall admits that she was nervous and shy. Interestingly, we learn later that Karl has never watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, at least not since one of the first seasons when Kendall was still a baby.

Speaking of the show, and being in the spotlight… Kendall says that the paparazzi have reached a point where they are basically stalking her and says, “there should be some kind of Sunday off or something.” And when it comes to fans, Lagerfeld said when he meets them he’s not very nice too them, because they can sometimes be too aggressive, and I don’t blame him.

But just because one person is famous doesn’t mean they don’t get starstruck over other celebrities. Kendall says if she sees Beyoncé she’ll faint. Not that she has never met her… because she has but when she sees her she gets really nervous and quiet. She explains, “I just shut up and bow down”. Love it.

Here are some pictures from her feature which were photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and fashion editor Elissa Santisi. The jealously is real… we already know.

kendall jenner on the cover of harpers bazaar

kendall jenner harpers bazaar 2016

kendall jenner harpers bazaar

kendall jenner harpers bazzaar

You can read the interview on the Harpers BAZAAR website or pick up a copy of Harpers BAZAAR June/July 2016 issue on Newsstands now.

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