Jump Into Denim

Denim jump suit

The denim jumpsuit trend is back in style and we are loving it to say the least. What’s great about this look is that you can dress it up as much as you want to… with the right accessories of course. If you’re feeling casual wear it with a pair of sandals or sneakers. The possibilities for denim jumpsuits are endless and work with anyone’s personal style. Whether you’re desired look is preppy, edgy, bohemian or dressy… all can be accomplished.

Let’s take a look at how the women of Pinterest take on this trend.

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Notice how each of them wore it a little differently. A blazer or a scarf can make all the difference. So one day you can wear it casual and the next time you can spice it up with a pair of pumps, and it won’t even feel like you’re repeating an outfit.

The Sleeveless Tencel Jumpsuit has hit our store and has our inner 90’s girl screaming. It’s a little over-sized with a button down front and ties at the waist. The ankle is elasticized so you can wear them as pants or bunched into capris. Check it out…

IMG_8403 IMG_8405

IMG_8408 IMG_8409

Love it? Want it? Need it? Shop it now. Remember to show us your summer style using #VampedxMe on Instagram! Leave a comment if you have any questions. xo – Vamped

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