#WCW: Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell

We are crushing HARD this month on social media queen Shay Mitchell. This 29 year old runs every popular social platform that we are constantly refreshing throughout the day. Seriously, she is basically a boss… have you seen her Snap stories lately? If you haven’t, add her now: officalshaym.

Shay Mitchell Selfie

She is doing it all from acting, to fashion blogging, beauty tutorials and she used to be a model. Quick fact, after high school she went to Bangkok, Thailand to start her modeling career but apparently she asked too many questions and all the photographers wanted her to do was pose. Typical Shay, she is just not about that life, and so she turned to acting.

shay mitchell at coachella revolve pool partyshay mitchell style

BUT I wouldn’t say her modeling career totally ended, because the latest photos of her, even just selfies are absolutely amazing. I can’t tell if I wanna be her and be with her. The style of her character Emily, from Pretty Little Liars is much different than real life Shay, real life Shay = Pretty Little Fashionista. She’s all about dressing up everyday, although she did admit that she loved Emily’s shoes and because of the role, she started adding more sneakers to her collection. Speaking of… if you haven’t seen her closet yet, here you go.


Jealousy is an understatement, I know. If you do want to steal her style you can check out her lifestyle and fashion blog. Amore and Vita that she started with her friend Michaela (it’s currently under construction though so you’ll probably want to save that for later). Here’s another little fact, she told Teen Vogue that one of her favorite accessories is her Chanel Bag that she bought as a gift to herself because it is timeless.

shay mitchell chanel

Her recent collab. with Quay Australia (quayxshay) was perfect, and although we no longer have those in stock, we do have other styles from Quay Australia that you can shop here.


And just like the rest of us, she is a fan of everything Beyonce (a girl after my own heart). Shay also told People Magazine that she has a style crush on her. Maybe that would be a more appropriate way to explain the total obsession, but hey I’m sitting here going on and on about a girl crush so what do I know.

shay mitchell fashion

Her new movie. Mother’s Day comes to theaters on April 29th. So not only will you get to see Shay, but you’ll also see some other familiar faces like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson, just to name a few.

Alright ladies, hope you’re now hooked on Shay, and if you are, I apologize in advanced if you grow a slight addiction to keeping up with her life and her “shaycations”… oh and her fondness of pizza.

shay mitchell pizza love

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