Three Ways To Cuff Like An ‘IT’ Girl

Perfect your street style by learning how to cuff your denim like the girls on Pinterest. Find the cuff that fits you best whether it’s because jeans are too long, or you’re just looking for a way to change up your look.


The slouchy cuff is super trendy and works great on boyfriend jeans. Start by folding up the bottom of your jeans into one thick cuff. Then use your fingers to bunch up to the denim and flip the top of the cuff down to create the perfect three dimensional fold.


The skinny cuff is for skinny jeans of course, easy to remember and even easier to make. All you have to do is fold the jeans up about one inch and then fold the bottom half up again to create a cuff that is about half the size.


If you’ve a lot of extra fabric hanging at the bottom of your leg, use the thick cuff to show off some skin and tighten up any bagginess. Fold the bottom up about two inches and then repeat the fold again for another two inches. That’s it, two simple steps to have your denim looking perfectly cropped and styled.


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