Quick Change: Work to Play

Sometimes or maybe all the time, you get tied up at work and have to stay late. And then on the days where you have plans after, you get stressed out because there’s just not enough time. Well luckily there’s a way you can turn your work outfit into something more relaxed and playful so you don’t have to make the trip home before you head out for the night.

Here, you have two options. Depending on the dress code, you’ve got a collared button down blouse tucked into a bodycon skirt or dressy black trousers. Pair these outfits with ankle strap heels and a necklace. Hidden under the blouse is a black crop top. (this is the key to your next look)


Now it’s time for a quick switch into something a little more fun. Unbutton the blouse and cuff up the sleeves. This will make it a little less professional but still keep the look classy. Underneath you will have the black crop to show just a little skin. If you go with the black trousers, have the skirt ready so you can change into it before you leave. This bodycon skirt is great because you can fold it up and stick it in your purse without having to worry about wrinkles.


Try this exact look or mix and match with a few similar items on our website! There is always a way to dress up or dress down an outfit without completely changing your whole look. If have any questions leave us a comment below! xoxo

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