How To Become A Bold Lip Champion

As the days get colder and your tan begins to fade, you may find yourself needing something to give you a little extra color. Having a bold lip focuses the attention at the center of your face , pulling the look together. How many times have you wanted to wear a bold lip but didn’t want to worry about it? Because I get it, wearing a bold lip is risky not just because of the intense color but because it runs or comes off jusssst in the middle so you look like you failed at the Ombrè lip. Luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent that from happening so you can rock a bold lip confidently.

First things first, the condition of your lips. Having hydrated lips is super important when you want to wear a bold lip color. For one thing, if you lips are chapped the color isn’t going to apply smoothly, and second when your lips are hydrated it keeps the color from cracking and allows it to stay in place. So be sure to take care of your lips especially in the colder months when the air is dry.

Before you even start applying any makeup, prime your face and condition/moisturize your lips. If you do not own a lip conditioner, you can use a traditional chap stick or even a small amount of Vaseline. Allow the moisturizer to absorb into your lips as you apply the rest of your makeup. Once you are finished with your face, wipe off any access lip moisturizer to keep the lipstick from sliding.Red Lips

Using a lip liner, start filling in your lips. Tip: Start from the center and work your way to the corners. After you line your lips you can fill the rest in to add an extra layer under the lipstick. The more matte the
texture of the lipstick is the longer it will last. (If the lip product you are using is not matte you can try topping it with a layer of finishing powder that you would use for your face) You either can use a lip brush to apply your lipstick or use it straight from the tube. A lot of times, this is easiest especially because of the lipsticks shape.

You now want to take a tissue and lightly blot your lips to allow the color to set, then apply another layer. Clean up the edges by using a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. Then, to perfect the shape use a small, flat concealer brush and trace the outer shape of your lip. This will allow the lips to have a clean, defined line, looking nice and crisp. If you follow these steps you will be able to wear a bold lip without hesitating!

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you have questions at all feel free to leave a comment ❤

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