Fall For These Make-up Trends

It’s that time of year again to start clearing out your closet and getting it ready for Fall, adding some darker colors, warmer clothes, and some boots. What women often forget is to transition their makeup routine as well. It is important to switch it up sometimes, even if it is just by using with different color palettes.


Recently a huge trend we have seen is bold eyebrows and contour. Both of these trend are carrying over into the colder months. Thick, bold brows are one of the main focuses in all of the recent Fall trends. let your eyebrows grow out a little and use a pencil or brow powder to fill the in. Tip: Start on the outer end and work your way to the center when filling your brows in, this will give you that natural fade. Having the outer end more defined and dramatic will open up your eyes and create a nice contrast.

b68f63a022b447b572baaadb101fbff7Before I get into contour lets talk about eyes and lips. You will definitely see a lot of brown smokey eyes this season. Tip: Have a clean brush for blending. You will want blend the darker brown up to the top of your eyelid to blur any harsh lines. Add a matte lip color to pull the look together. This Fall you will see a lot of deep reds and cranberry shades. Tip: After applying a dark lip, you can use concealer and a small angle brush to clean up edges. If you aren’t someone that likes to wear dark lips you can still get a similar overall look. Surprisingly a neutral lip can still look bold, the matte finish will make the lips stand out. I suggest always using a lip liner to define the natural shape of your lip. Tip: If you feel like your lip stick rubs off or smudges easily, you can put a finishing powder (that you would use for your face) on top to set it.aa6aa88740a2c99220071780aac500f5

Last but not least, contour. Not all contour has to be as defined as Kim Kardashian. Contour can be as light or as dark as you want. If you want to have a heavy contour, I would go with a softer neutral lip color. If you wear a heavy smokey eye, bold lip and intense contour the look is going to be very dramatic. But if that is your thing, go for it! For those of you that just want more of a classic Fall look, switch off between either a bold lip or strong contour when wearing a smokey eye.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you have questions at all feel free to leave a comment ❤

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