Trend Alert: Girlfriend Jeans

You’ve heard of Boyfriend Jeans… so what exactly are Girlfriend Jeans? Girlfriend jeans have a tighter fit with a slim, straight leg. This style has a more structured shape than the baggier BF jean and is much more flattering than mom jeans. Unlike those styles, Girlfriend Jeans compliment your hips, legs and butt. Let’s just compare the two real quick.

Here, Kylie Jenner is wearing Boyfriend Jeans, notice how they sit on her hips and are baggy, especially at the bottom.


Here are a few different styles of girlfriend jeans:



They are not only slimmer and tighter around the ankles, but they hug the waist and compliment features more than Boyfriend Jeans. If you found that pulling off Boyfriend Jeans was difficult because well, they actually made you look like a boy.. you may find a liking to these instead. This style is trendy and makes an outfit a little more interesting because they are different from traditional skinny jeans. If you haven’t tried on a pair yet I suggest you do!

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