Five Ways to Keep It Cool This Summer

With summer temps on the rise, it’s often easier for most of us to shed our style in order to beat the heat. However, at no cost should style ever be overlooked for function. In fact, the two can go together quite easily. How? Follow these five tips for keeping your cool in more ways than one this summer season.

  1. Be loose. Leave your tighter clothes in the drawer and hit the closet for a loose-fitting garment. The less clothing you have clinging to your skin the cooler you’ll be. A great example of what to wear is this Ruffle Lace Maxi Dress by Lani.
  2. Go light. Just as we learned in school, dark colors attract the sun and absorb heat, while lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays. This is why it’s key to go with pastels or even white pieces. For example, our Beach Day Pants in White by Love Riche is a great way to go light (and also be loose).White_Beach_Pants2__13958.1431123952.1280.1280
  3. Show some skin. Minimizing the amount of clothing you have on is a great way to let heat escape – but only on those hot summer nights. When the sun’s out, use light clothing to shield your skin from harmful UV rays and also to keep your body temperature down. However, it’s totally okay to show some skin at night, and our Tribal Style Crochet Tank by Vintage Havana is a great way to do it.Vintage_Havana_Aztec_Tank6__24550.1433194256.1280.1280
  4. Cover it up. If you insist on baring your shoulders or back while the sun is out, make sure you have a way to cover them up if the heat gets to be too unbearable. Stick a lightweight scarf, like our Multi Printed Scarf by Timing, in your bag for these times. (And don’t forget to use sunblock!)IMG_7649__81841.1384961427.1280.1280
  5. Keep accessories simple. Sometimes, less is more, especially when you want as little on your skin as possible. Maximize the power of earrings during the hot summer months. Since they only touch a small section of your skin, you can go big with our Venus Earring (pictured below) or small with our Moon Rock Studs, while still making a statement.

IMG_7408__91733.1412454364.1280.1280Now that you have the tips you need to keep your cool this summer, it’s time to revamp your closet. Again, remember to stick with clothing that’s loose and light during the day, but dare to have plenty of shoulder and back appeal at night. We invite you to shop Vamped Boutique for pieces that are sure to turn heads even in the heat!

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