5 Summer Must-Haves

According to the calendar, summer is officially a week away! After what felt like the LONGEST winter ever here in Boston, we have been soaking up the sun this month. We can’t wait to kick summer into gear and really enjoy it. From sunglasses and shorts to bathing suits and cover ups — we’re ready for all the summer style. And these five summer must-haves will definitely keep you stylin’ even in the heat.

1. Quay Sunglasses

The Australian brand, pronounced “key,” is a HIT among the celebrities. Cara Delevigne, Shay Mitchell, Gigi Hadid, Gwen Stefani, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and even Beyonce have been spotted wearing the popular brand.. and that’s only naming a few.


And the best part? They are affordable! Why not get yourself a pair and feel like a star?



Invader Sunglasses in Gold      |      Invader Sunglasses in Black      |      Dixi Sunglasses      |     Modern Love Cat Eye Sunglasses

2. Jewelry Tattoos

This is another staple in the celebrity world and it is definitely a growing trend. You can mix and match these tattoos and place them anywhere on your body that you please. Jewelry is no longer just for your neck, arms or ears. Ever want to wear jewelry but feel like it overloads your outfit? This is a perfect replacement. It’s always a good replacement for an actual tattoo as well, since they are only temporary.


Clearly, Beyonce is in on all the hot summer trends. And why wouldn’t you want to be like Queen Bey? As shown in this picture, she has them on her belly as a belly chain, chest, shoulders and upper wrist. Wear them like this to sexify a bathing suit, or pair them with actual jewelry for an added effect.


Get your own jewelry tattoos right on our website, featuring Lulu DK. Click HERE to shop the collection.


3. Boho-Chic Headbands

It doesn’t have to be festival season to rock a floral headband. These flirty pieces make any outfit fun and unique. And once again — all the celebrities are doing it.


You can put these headbands on top of your head, as you see above. Or for the ones that tie at the end, you can weave it in your hair for a different style. The floral headbands that we have in stock by Haute Blossom allow you to tie, wrap or weave your headband however you like.


Petit Fleurs Romantics Halo     |     Dulce Halo     |     Oh Violet Halo

4. Rompers

Rompers are one of our favorite summer must haves because of their versatility. You can wear them during the day for a casual day of running errands, or dress one up with heels and jewelry for a night out. You can even add a blazer for a more sophisticated look.


Floral Fever Romper    |    Bahama Mama Floral Romper    |    Coastal Striped Romper     |    Tropicana Floral Romper

Our entire collection of rompers includes lace, stripes, printed, low cut and long sleeve. Shop everything by clicking HERE!

5. Maxi Dresses

There’s no other way to feel completely comfortable this summer than in a maxi dress. And these dresses are also so versatile — you can look cute wearing a casual one at a BBQ or dress it up with heels and jewelry — or even find one that’s made out of a different material for a fancier look!


The options are endless when it comes to maxis. Throw a jean jacket over it. Tie a knot in the bottom. Throw it over a bathing suit. Whatever you like, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. Here’s just a tiny taste.


Stripe Knit Maxi Dress    |    Jagged Lace Maxi Dress in Beige    |    Fleur de Girl Printed Maxi    |    Dream on Lace Maxi in White


So there you have it! The five must haves for summer: Quay Sunglasses, Lulu DK Jewelry Tattoos, Haute Blossom Floral Headbands, Rompers and Maxi Dresses. Shop our entire collection online or visit us in store to see what we have for yourself!


If you shop online, use the code FIRSTWP for 15% off your first order!

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