Spring Cleaning 101

It’s that time of year. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. The weather is warming up. And it’s time to clean out your closet!

Get ready to swap out the jackets and sweaters for shorts, tanks and bikinis. If your closet is anything like mine, it’s a mess. From having clothes of all seasons hanging, to buying more clothes and stuffing them in, I just can’t seem to keep it neat.


As you can see, it was a total disaster. So here’s some tips for taming your wardrobe from my personal experience.

  • Put some good music on. Let the music put you in the right vibe (and maybe pour a glass of wine), and then open your closet. Start by picturing your categories. For me, it was store it, save it, donate it, toss it. You should have a couple storage bins (or trash bags) ready — and labeled so you don’t mix them up. Start at one end of the rod and go through, piece by piece. If you have hanging storage bags or anything like that, go through those next. Ask yourself: do I like this? Have I worn it in the last year? Is it in good condition? And sort accordingly. If there’s a piece you’re not sure of, leave it on the hanger and go back to it later. If you are definitely keeping it, leave it where it is. PS: The one-year rule is a good rule to work with. If you haven’t worn it in a year, but it’s really cute, and maybe you will, and…. nope. Take it out.
  • Once you’ve gone through your clothes and you’ve got a mess on your floor, don’t panic. Tidy up the mess. If a storage box or bag is full, put it aside and get a new one. Go through the clothes once more and figure out those maybes. Now, start with your shoes. Take them all out and go through them pair by pair. Use the same 1-year rule. If you didn’t wear it within the last year, get rid of it. But be careful, there’s a fine line between shoes that can be donated and shoes that should be tossed. If they were used a lot and are very worn, toss. If they are worn, but in good condition, donate. If they’re dirty, but reusable, clean ’em up with a rag and donate them!


  • Now that you’ve cleared out some space, it’s time to decide how you want to organize. Do you want to keep your clothes color coded? Or do you want them categorized by style? Do you want to be REALLY neat and do both? Whichever you prefer, start sorting. For shoes, I find it’s easier to sort by style. Sneakers together. Heels together. Boots together. Simple.
  • Your closet is looking neater, but now you’ve got random clutter like jewelry, belts and scarves with no home. Storage bins and baskets that hang over the door are perfect for these items. They don’t take up hanger space, and they are completely out of the way of your clothes. You can even use this space for grab-and-go items like socks and undergarments — though, I prefer to keep those separated in my nightstand.
  • Speaking of a nightstand, that’s your next step. Now that you’ve organized your closet, it’s time to tackle your drawers! Use the same tactics and you will be golden.


There are many benefits to having a neat and organized closet. When you are able to see all your clothes, it makes getting ready much less stressful. As long as you can keep up with it, you will be happy. If you have a busy week and you end up throwing clothes back wherever, set yourself aside one day a week to just tidy it up. The small upkeep will pay off in the long run. And hey! Now that you’ve got room, you can snag all the cute stuff you’ve been eyeing on our website. 😉

PS: Please remember to donate! It’s such a waste to throw out clothes or shoes just because you don’t want them anymore, especially when there are people out there who don’t have the means to purchase new clothes like you do. They may not be your style or size anymore, but there is someone who would love to be wearing that! And some organizations will even schedule pick ups, so you don’t even have to leave your house.

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