Coachella: Weekend 2 Round Up

The post-Coachella depression has set in and we didn’t even attend the actual festival. Back to reality. Back to following the rules of fashion. Weekend two was a little bit uneventful for celebrity fashion — it seems weekend one stole the show. So here’s a few looks that caught our eye.


As you can see, fringe and flowy dresses were in at this year’s 2015 Coachella. The boho-chic look is a trend that will never die so long as Coachella is around. Get your own Coachella inspired style right here on our blog.

You can shop our entire festival collection on our website, and make sure to check out our new floral headbands! They make for the perfect hippie-princess look, and you won’t be able to resist them! Just because Coachella is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock the look all summer long.




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