Tattoo Giveaway!

We told you about them before and we’re STILL obsessed. Lulu DK is the hottest up and coming brand for accessories and they offer an array of beautiful and trendy jewelry tattoo designs.


These metallic gold and silver tattoos shine on every skin tone and make a bold statement. They’re the perfect way to glam up an outfit without having to worry about the clunkiness of actual jewelry.

That’s why we want YOU to have them! And not just one, but all five styles that we have in stock.


To participate, you must have an Instagram account!* (I’m sure most of you do.)

1. Follow @VampedBoutique on Instagram

2. Repost the picture above (also on our Instagram) and tag @VampedBoutique.

3. Use the hashtag #VampedxLulu in the caption!

You can repost once a day until the contest ends. Each post counts as an additional entry. The contest will start today 1/7/15 and last until Sunday 1/11/15 midnight ET. The winner will be announced via Instagram on Monday, 1/12/15.


*Must be a US resident.

*Must follow @VampedBoutique on Instagram to qualify

*Must be a public account

*Only one winner.

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