COVERGIRL: Jennifer Lopez in SELF


DOES SHE EVEN AGE? I mean, really? Look at her. Jennifer Lopez is flawless. The 45-year old mother of two graces the January cover of SELF Magazine.

SELF believes that 2015 is going to be JLo’s breakthrough year, and we couldn’t agree more. The singer wears many hats; dancer, performer, actress, mother. But when speaking about herself, Lopez says, “I still consider myself a dancer first and foremost. Well, after being a mother, of course.”

Well, this momma has her hands full for 2015. Lopez is partnering with a health and fitness company called BodyLab to create a new program for women. It will include recipes, health tips, smoothies and calorie/exercise trackers. (Tips from someone with that bod? Yes, please.) She’ll also be starring as a detective in the upcoming television drama Shades of Blue, (and don’t forget she’s still on American Idol) while also having two movies released.


Shades of Blue will start production in 2015 and is scheduled to broadcast on NBC in the 2015-2016 season. Her first movie of 2015, The Boy Next Door, will be released at the end of January. The other movie, Lila and Eve is set to be released in February. 



To read more from SELF Magazine go to their website or pick up your copy in stores!


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