Your Best DIY Holiday Look

We’ve already helped you figure out what you’re going to wear for the holidays, so it would be wrong to leave you hanging in the makeup department. That’s why we put together an easy 6-step tutorial for a glammed up holiday look, with the help of our good friend and professional makeup artist Rosalba Martone.

Rosalba works independently through her own business, AlbaRose Artistry. She was privately trained in New York City and Los Angeles. In 2006, she was named “Best Up and Coming Makeup Artist” by Upscale Living Magazine and more recently, in 2013, she was awarded as part of Best of Boston Makeup Artists by The Knot and The Globe Magazine. Trust us, she’s good.

Together, we came up with the perfect look for anyone who just likes to dress up a bit more than usual at their family party, or for that person who is eager to catch the attention of the cute new guy at your work party. (Did someone say mistletoe?) Either way, we know you’ll be turning heads.



There you have it! An easy DIY look that is subtle yet still stands out. If you liked this tutorial, stay tuned for a New Year’s Eve look coming up after the holidays. And remember: if you try this tutorial or wear something from Vamped, we want to see it! Hashtag #IAmVamped and you could be featured on our Instagram or even this blog!

To see more of Rosalba’s work or for booking information, check out her website. And don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for her everyday looks!



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