Halloween In a Pinch

Halloween is just two weeks away. And if your stuck with nothing to wear..well it might be a problem! But don’t worry we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help! Well most people will be spending money on something they’ll never wear again, everything we have lined up for you is something that can stay in your closet for many more outfits to come. So let’s get down to business…



Become a cute little Scarecrow. Layered under our Cuffed Bottom Denim Overalls is our Perfect Plaid Shirt (COMING SOON!) or use your favorite you already have!

All you have to do is pair with our Raage Boots and knit socks. Add a little hay (that can be found at your local arts and crafts store) sticking out of your pockets and socks . Top off with a straw hat and this makeup we came across on pinterest! So easy right? And we know you’ll wear all these items all over again, separate or  together again!



Next we have have our modern twist on Morticia Addams, come on who doesn’t love this queen of Halloween.

Our Forever Lace Crop Set (each piece is sold separate) is just beyond perfect for this look. Long sleeve lace crop top paired with a matching midi lace skirt. Paired with our Direct On Heels from Luichiny, really gives this look that vamped look of Morticia

We also found a really quick and easy makeup tutorial for you too!

Now after Halloween is dead and gone, you can pair this crop with any other skirt or high waist legging. And the skirt there is endless possibilities you can do with it and wear all year long!

Time and time again, you can’t go wrong with imitating Sandy from Grease! From her leather jackets to her red lips and butt hugging bottoms, you’re sure to master this classic look with everything found at Vamped Boutique.

Jenny From The Block Jacket | Spotlight Leggings | Fitted Crop



 And last but certainly not least, we’re just replicating the 90’s style icon Cher from Clueless

After all our Clueless Crop Set was named after her! This long sleeve checkered crop has a cute scoop neck back with buttons down the side with a matching flared skirt with a mesh panel. Our scallop heels add the perfect feminine style to make this look complete.

(pieces in Clueless set are sold separate)

We have tons of other pieces that could help complete your costume! Check our website or feel free to email us at info@vampedboutique.com if you need any help!

And be sure to look for our next Halloween installment, where we’ll be bringing you a collection of tasty treats, delicious drinks, and more Halloween inspiration!


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