10 Sweet Dresses for a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are officially upon us.  Choosing what to wear to a summer wedding–or any wedding, can be tricky.  With warmer weather, it’s tough to predict if you’ll get caught in a summer rainstorm, or sticky humidity.  Don’t stress too much, you should feel comfortable and gorgeous, because after all, it’s not your wedding!!

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Dress for the time and place of the ceremony and reception.
  • Definitely DO wear a dress. Just because your summer wardrobe is a lot more casual, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for a nice occasion.
  • Keep color in mind.  Black can be nice for the right event, but don’t be afraid of mint, coral, lime, and cobalt!
  • Keep the color of your skin in mind. Many of us get quite a few shades darker in the summer months. Make sure your dress or outfit goes nicely with your skin tone.
  • Choose complimentary accessories.  Whether it be metallics, turquoise gemstones, or coral beading, play around with your accessories.
  • Go light on make-up and accessories.  If you’re sporting a bold turquoise statement necklace, let that one piece do the talking.  Forgo earrings and stacked bracelets and add a simple ring to pull it all together.  Ditch the matte lipstick and go with an airy gloss to keep it light.  A little goes a long way, especially in the summer time.

Scroll through our top ten dresses for a summer wedding.

Whether you need city-chic or beachy-casual, we’ve got it all.

If none of the following suits your style, CLICK HERE to view all of our dresses.

Chain Reaction Dress3

1. Chain Reaction Dress in Mint

  Neon Aztec Dress1

2. Neon Aztec Shift Dress

Half Full Dress1

3. Half Full Color Block Dress

 Cherry Slush Dress2

4. Cherry Slush Dress

 Up All Night 2

5. Up All Night Black Peplum Dress

Dalma Printed Dress2

6. Dalma Dress in Black

Make Up Your Mind Maxi  3

7. Make Up Your Mind Maxi Dress 

Applause Jumper def

8. Applause Jumper in Black

Peach Leopard Maxi3

9. Underneath It All Maxi in Dusty Rose

Wonderlust Maxi2

10. Wonderlust Floral Maxi 

Cheers to wedding bells!  xo. 


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