Six Summer Staples: The Accessory Guide

Hooray for warmth!! Summer is just about here, and I think you can tell, we are very excited.  It should be no surprise that I am a big fan of accessories, and while the temperatures begin to rise, it’s definitely hard to keep layering on extra “stuff”.  I’ve put together a simple list of summer accessories that will have you looking sharp whether you’re going from the beach to the bar, poolside to an outdoor coffee shop or a backyard firepit.

1. Sunglasses

This one should be a no-brainer!  You may have a beloved pair of super expensive, drool-worthy sunnies, and that’s great.  My only bit of advice is to stock up on one or two pairs of less expensive sunglasses because we all know, it is inevitable that you just might lose or break a pair.  Oops.  Take your pick from aviators in different shades, circular lenses, or squared off.




2. Headbands

You’re going to need something to hold your hair back at the beach.  Don’t even go there with… “I can’t get my hair wet”, no more complaining ladies! Try any of our fashionable stretch headbands to keep your hair intact with just a touch of intentional messiness.


3. Rings/Knuckle Rings

For the days that you’re not glued to a beach chair, dress up your fingers in fun, mismatched rings.


4. Sandals/Wedges

FIRST, make sure you’ve gotten a pedicure.  SECOND, go crazy with our wide selection of open toe wedges and strappy sandals.



5. Vibrant Clutch

Aren’t you tired of lugging tote bags with an extra sweater, a scarf, an umbrella, and any other weather permitting items you may need?  Let go of the massive handbags for a few months and substitute with a vibrant clutch.  All of our clutches are just large enough to fit just about everything we need.  These bright hues can match with almost anything and really vamp up an ordinary outfit.


6. Colorful Bandeau’s

Since the latest trend is all sorts of open back, muscle tee, loose-fitted tops, you’ll need a variety of bandeau’s to wear underneath.



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