The Forecast: Spring 2014 (part 2)

FINALLY, a little more sun has come our way!  That said, our spring wardrobes are already bulging, are yours?  More spring trends seem to be emerging, some we just couldn’t pass up.

1. Fringe & Embellished Details

Harsh spikes and big studs were prevalent in the fashion scene last fall and winter, as we move forward, the accented details are shifting.  Fringe, smaller studs, rhinestones and beading are surfacing.  Smaller, delicate and feminine beading and bedazzled jewels add a touch of glam, without being too flashy.  Pick out some of your faves from our new arrivals!

2. The Skirt Takeover!

We’re talking maxi skirts in prints and pleats, candy colored body-con mini skirts, and the infamous skater skirt.  All of these styles are super easy to wear.  You don’t have to be super fashion-forward to wear them either!  For a simple look, try pairing a simple maxi skirt like the Pleats & Thanks Maxi in Black, with either a fitted or oversize crop top with a few layered necklaces.  Include a leather jacket if the weather still calls for it!  Need something more dressy?  How about any of the High Stakes Skirt by Wow Couture paired with a tucked-in tank and heels.

3. Single Sole Shoes and Everyday Flats

As women, we all know and understand that platforms are one of the easiest type of heel to walk in.  However, right now, single sole high heels are so in!! Pair a single sole with a pointy-toe, oh my.  Test it out in wild colors or basic black and nude, these heels are sophisticated, yet can easily be dressed down for a daytime look.  As for flats, step right up because we have a great selection of flats from neutral tones to aztec print and crochet detailing!

4. Sets

Matching skirt and tops, shorts with crop tops, maxi skirts with same color tops.  Pair it up this season!  Wearing the same print or color top to bottom may have been looked down upon in the past, but it’s now something that is very common and trendy when worn correctly.  See below for a few of our most recent matching sets!

5. Nude and Ivory

So we went over white on white in various spring posts, but we’ve noticed nude and ivory are a close runner-up, if not, taking first!  Neutrals and muted colors worn together look sleek, effortless and classy.

6. CUTOFFs (and other shorts)

Denim shorts are a no-brainer for warm weather, especially now that the choices are endless.  Depending on you’re mood, I think we have just about every style you could dream of; high waist, pastels, bright colors, distressed, acid wash, studded, floral, leather, and geometric.. just to name a few.

ivory sets


My favorite spring trends include:

UMM, all of the above. Kidding, but not.  I love love maxi skirts, it’s so easy to pair them with either a crop top, knit sweater, basic tank, graphic tee, etc.  I CANNOT get over colored cutoff’s! If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I don’t wear a lot of color, except for in the summer via colored denim shorts.  My [not so] new thing is about layering jewelry.  Silver, gold, pink, mint, turquoise, throw it all on!  It’s super fun and an easy way to dress up an outfit.

What are your favorite spring styles?!  Let us know 🙂


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