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Happy Easter and Passover to all those who celebrate!  My guess is this week and weekend is going to be filled with lots of food, lots of candy, and spending lots of time with family and friends.  Taking another wild guess, a common thought is likely to be, “what am I going to wear?!”  At least for me, that’s for sure at the top of my list.  At Vamped, we have got you covered.  From pastel hues that so-perfectly fit in with Easter and spring themes, to all white ensembles, and even the ultra-trendy, black and white mixed prints.  Aside from finding the cutest outfit, you do want to be somewhat comfortable!


easter white



Don’t forget to jazz up that mani of yours!  Nail art is STILL kicking.  We can’t help it, some of these looks we found on Pinterest are just way too cute.

spring nails

And last but certainly not least, let’s see if you can up your baking skills and make any of these adorable festive desserts.

Here are a few recipes I loved that I found on a blog called By Stephanie Lynn.  Simply scrolling through the pictures had me drooling!


These simple cupcakes are covered in matching frosting and sprinkles, then adorned with a gum drop and jellied slices!


I used to LOVE Rice Krispy Treats (didn’t everyone?!)  These egg-shaped treats are so easy, literally, I have faith anyone can do it!

Click here for recipe and instructions on making the Original Rice Krispy Treats.  This link happens to use all gluten-free ingredients, feel free to improvise.

Once you’ve completed mixing the ingredients and the mixture has cooled enough to handle, create small egg-like shapes and leave to cool for 20 minutes.

Heat semi-sweet chocolate and dunk half of the egg into the melted chocolate, then dunk again in colorful candies so that they stick to the chocolate!  Viola!


I’ll leave you with this little bunny bum cake!  How can you not laugh? 🙂

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