Meet Our Models: Diandra

model diandra

If you can’t catch her drift, this bombshell isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

In our mini-interview, Diandra shares with us a few things about herself that you definitely wouldn’t know off hand.

Meet: Diandra

Diandra is a college student studying Advertising.  Eventually she might be the face in front and behind the scenes!


Height: 5’1″ Bust: 34″ Waist: 27″ Hips: 38″

Why do you love to model for Vamped?

The overall experience, the owners are awesome and the shoots with the models are always a fun time!

Favorite movie?

Inception… it makes me think.

Favorite item at Starbucks?

Iced green tea latte

Favorite color?


Your go-to style/look would be..

Depends on my mood.

Favorite season and why?

Summer, cause all the hotties come out to play!

What can we catch you doing on a Saturday night?

Out with my friends, catch us if you can!

Favorite Saying?

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”

Favorite brand from Vamped?

Love them all!

What food could you never live without?


Forget #MCM, who do you wish you could have every day?

Blair Redford.. Leonardo DiCaprio.. Brody Jenner.. ugh love them all!

Do you have any hidden talents?

They call me the cat whisperer.  Meow!

Your top Spring items are:

Maxi dresses and floral crop tops to say the least.  Although it’s safe to say, I love everything.

Got any big plans for 2014?

Just going with the flow.


I’d say that’s some pretty solid advice, Diandra!


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