TREND ALERT: Graphic Tees

Hey everyone! It’s Andrea posting today! & I’m about to inspire you to wear your graphic tees a whole lot more then usual! Graphics are not to just be thrown on casually anymore. We’re all about dressing them up and mixing things up with them. Graphic Tees, just like your style, will say/show what you want without even having to open your mouth!

They are all over celebs and now some of their brands can be all over you! Why? Because we carry them at Vamped!

First let’s start with Beyonce! She has been spotted a few times in her Nets tee from Junkfood (which just happens to be one of my favs too!)

Here she was wearing it to practice for her flawless Super Bowl performance last year!

Bey JunkfoodCourtesy of Junkfood

But sorry B, we gotta support our Celtics!

But we want to get to the good stuff, and the way to wear graphics everyday in a street chic way!

Love the way Naya Rivera wears her Superman Junkfood tee paired with a leather pencil skirt,statement necklace and heels.

Naya Rivera and Big Sean spotted leaving Power 106 Radio StationCourtesy of Junkfood

I am a huge fan of throwin’ a blazer on over your graphic tee for a clean put together and effortless look, like these.

                                                          image 2  graphblaz    SHEINSIDE jacket small 2


                                                                                                                                                                 This one is so me !! ^

Mixing it up with prints and textures is another way to go and I’m a fan … Have you tried??

        1115_muse_pic5 b7ef5cfe4bcb8f96c0905b2a765911ff vouge

all pictures courtesy of (Sorry i was just drawn to the leopard prints!!)

And the last way I love to see is pairing graphics with skirts. I mean come on how cute are these?

 875d8c8d093ea4e66acfa8307e84b1cf     0074991b2593ab326a6a8109492c0e5f     graphic tee and skirt

Pictures courtesy of

Now take a look at our graphic tees! Shop them and show us how you style them by tagging #IAMVAMPED when you are wearing them 🙂

xo, Andrea

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