Back In Style

We call it… vintage with a twist.

Surprisingly enough, the style trends of the Nickelodeon era, pre-Miley Cyrus, and long before The Kardashian’s were a thing, have resurfaced.  Don’t panic, these styles have improved!  Spotted all over fashion magazines and rocked by countless celebrities.  Let’s play a little catch up with the trends that are back in style.

Flashback to the 90’s, 80’s and even back to the disco decade of the 1970’s

1. Jumpers
LOL… we know our Mom’s are loving this. But really, Jumpers are back, in a newer, more sleek, sophisticated way.


2. Flannel and Plaid
It’s everywhere, tops, bottoms, jackets, leggings.  All is good in moderation I suppose, though some feel it’s only appropriate in the wilderness or at a country concert. 

3. Scrunchies (re-coined as the “sock bun”)

4. Combat Boots (in the form of Doc Martens)


5. Joggers (a.k.a. a newer version of Harem pants)
These celebs rock joggers in various styles and colors, yet still look ridiculously good!


6. Leather bottoms
Time to revisit leather, the mod way to wear leather is in doses, and much more fitted.  Go for leather shorts and layer with opaque tights in the the winter, leather patch leggings for an edgy yet not trying-too-hard look, or a chic skirt with leather panels and contrast colors.

leather bottoms

7. Oversize Tops/Off-The-Shoulder



8. Crop Tops!
I think it’s safe to say the entire male population– and ladies too, drool over the infamous Kelly Kapowski, like, how can you not?!

kelly k


9. Mini Skirts
So, this is a little dramatic. But it’s true!  Mini Skirts were banned in the ’50’s but not for long! 

vintage mini skirt

mini skirts

10. Lace
We can thank Madonna for this one.

madonna lace


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