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Who can help but notice ANYTHING besides the fact it is FREEZING!  We get it– we live in New England.  We’re used to it.  We can handle the snow, rain, cold, even frigid temperatures, but even this, is too much.  When dealing with temps so low, it’s hard to even begin to think of what to wear.  Fret no more ladies!  We have plenty of cozy attire to keep you warm and stylin’ throughout this brutal winter.

Sweatshirts we love!  Cozy Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt, Cozy Shoulder Sweatshirt, The Dark Side Sweatshirt, Who Care’s Sweatshirt


What’s winter without scarves?

scarvesThese sweatpants are sooo warm and soft and cuddly! The extra o’s are really necessary.

The Cozy Sweatpant, Patriot Sweatpants, Cashmere Sweats in Green, Cashmere Sweats in Grey


These sweaters are perfect for chilly days.  Layer with leggings, long sleeves, t-shirts and scarves to complete the winter look.

Plum Knit Cardigan, Ombre Stud Sweatshirt, Southwest Knit Cardigan, Zip Right Through Top



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